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About ”The Citizen”

In Japan, there are watches that can’t be gotten overseas, which means that countless individuals are unaware of their exquisiteness. This is The Citizen

This piece has a minuscule 5 second time reading error throughout the year. The high precision of Citizen was made to perfection with Quartz. 


One of the first points taken was not consideration was the quartz oscillators. 

The crystal oscillators act like a quartz heart in this piece. 
The wavelengths of the crystal oscillators are monitored for 6 months, upon which those with stable frequencies are selected. 
Furthermore, the wavelengths are continuously monitored after pairing it into the movement, and any inadequate ones are removed. 
This is how they achieve an error margin of 5 seconds. 

Another appealing feature is the frequency temperature compensation function, since temperature has the greatest affect on quartz accuracy.

Quartz, which functions properly at 25C, will experience a daily delay of 0.1 seconds with a 5C temperature difference. 

That is why The Citizen comes equipped with the frequency temperature compensation function. 

It measures the temperature and makes adjustments 1 minute beforehand. 

The frequency temperature compensation continues to function even with frequent temperature changes.

Finally, each piece is assembled one by one to perfection by a master craftsman.
  • It now comes with an “exact midnight” date changing calendar function. 
  • Perpetual calendar
  • Convenient time zone setting function for overseas travel

A wristwatch boasted as the jewel of Japan; this is The Citizen.

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